Professions of Rubber Farming

Rubber farming professions are most often practiced in rural areas and require a passion or a sense of plant observation.


The bleeder is the person who harvests the latex. This profession, accessible to both men and women, does not require a diploma. It is practiced early in the morning for 4 to 5 hours. Depending on his performance and attendance at work, the bleeder can climb the ladder to become a bleeding controller and bleeding chief.


The grafter’s job is to multiply the trees. It is a high-precision work that consists of inserting on one plant a part of another plant, whose characters we want to develop. This step is decisive in relation to the future yields of the selected clones.


The nurseryman cultivates and cares for the plants until the stage where they can be transplanted or marketed. It irrigates them, protects them from climatic hazards and diseases. It gives trees their shape and pruning. All these tasks require practical intelligence, manual skill, a sense of observation and, of course, a passion for plants.

Stage Manager

Also designated Planting Assistant, the manager carries out and oversees tree planting operations (logging, grafting, planting…) after soil preparation. It puts in place irrigation devices and protective elements. He carries out control tests. It synchronizes the activity of a team and coordinates the use of machines. Finally, it takes care of the operational and administrative management of its structure.


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